5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Luxury Handbag

So I did a thing! Shortly after my birthday in September, I purchased a Louis Vuitton Cannes handbag. Prior to making the purchase, every time I saw this handbag I thought to myself wow that is gorgeous work of art. I am going to add that to my collection one day! The opportunity presented itself, I went for it, and I couldn’t be happier.

It took me a while to carry it, because I purchased a bag organizer on Etsy from an international seller that took a little minute to arrive, but now that it is here, I am excited to share her with the world. Given the positive receptivity to my recent unboxing I wanted to share 5 considerations to keep in mind before making a luxury investment whether its brand new or pre-loved.

Consider the Return on Investment (ROI). 

By no means am I trying to get all business school 101 on y’all, but this is very important. Ask yourself will the amount of times that I wear this item divided by the price make it worth the money? Let’s say you spend $500 on an item, but if you wore it 100 times throughout 2020, then that item only cost you $5 dollars per wear, which is excellent and well worth the investment.

Do your research.

I can’t specify this enough, but research is KEY. There are so many people with expertise on any handbag that you may consider purchasing. I highly recommend watching YouTube reviews, reading the Purse Blog and joining the Purse Forum where conversations are constantly taking place about handbags, read articles, join Facebook groups/communities, and really put in the work to understand if the items is worth your time and money. I’ve personally learned so much by doing this, and wish I had been in the know even sooner.

Think about its purpose and how it will compliment your lifestyle.

Determine the purpose of your bag, ask yourself if this is for work, everyday, weekends, travel or special occasions? Considering that we are currently still in the midst of a pandemic, I would not recommend making an luxury investment for a special occasion at this time. I, as your virtual stylist, want you to get a good return on your investment, and avoid expensive items that just sit around and collect dust.

Take an honest look at your lifestyle, and think about what actually makes sense for you. For instance, I am fond of fanny packs, because I like to wear them across my body. I know that I am fond of them, because I wore one in high school for two years straight. Basically until it was so beat up that it was almost shameful to keep it.

That said, when it came to making one of my more recent luxury purchases’, the Louis Vuitton Bumbag, which is essentially a glorified fanny pack, I could easily justify it in my mind. Why? Because I had a history of wearing this type of handbag, it fit into my lifestyle, and the I know it was serve the purpose of a weekend bag. All of these factors made me feel confident that I would get my return on my investment. Y’all see where I am going with this? I knew y’all would!

Never compromise your finances.

I repeat, please do not compromise your finances or go into serious debt over a handbag. It is NOT worth it. However, what I can suggest is seeing what adjustments that you can make to your personal lifestyle to afford a handbag. For example, if you find yourself ordering takeout frequently; I suggest cooking your meals to free up income that could go towards your next luxury purchase. Small adjustments in your lifestyle can yield big rewards. Remember that!

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a luxury item.

I’ve personally experienced a strange sense of guilt after this most recent handbag purchase. I questioned myself asking if this was a smart decision. The truth is I hadn’t really normalized luxury handbag purchases in my life as much as I’ve normalized Zara purchases.

I also realized if I wanted to normalize luxury handbags in my life that I have every right to and just need to get comfortable owning that. So, treat yourself sis because you are so deserving of luxury in your life, and honor the hard work that you’ve done to earn it.

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