5 Simple Ways To Prioritize Your Wellness

Hey y’all! I recently did one of the bravest things in my blogging career. I took pictures at The Met, ahhhhh! Prior to moving to NYC, this was the type of thing that I could only dream of doing, but when my photographer suggested it due to the rain; after a quick wave of fear, I got on board. Let me tell you one thing, it was PACKED! It took a lot of planning and patience, but is probably one of my favorite shoots to-date.

On a different note, today I wanted to share 5 SIMPLE WAYS TO PRIORITIZE YOUR WELLNESS.

Schedule your workouts in advance.

At the beginning of each week plan your workouts and the specific times that you can accomplish them. Putting pen to paper is really a useful way to accomplish goals, and make plans feel more concrete versus optional. I find that I am really good about sticking to my commitments as long as they are in my calendar,

Take advantage of your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode.

To prioritize your sleep, use the Do Not Disturb mode on your cell phone. While it is a small action, it canĀ  It’s a really great way to have an uninterrupted night of sleep, and avoid y notifications on my phone.

Reimagine your snacks.

Think about how you can add one raw fruit and veggie to your diet per day. I like to add a veggie to a recipe that may not have originally called for it.

Dedicate one week in the year to schedule your annual wellness exams.

Use one week at the beginning of the year to schedule each of your annual wellness exams. Scheduling them in advance gives you access to your preferred time slots and ensures that you actually spend time with your preferred health care providers. To maximize your time, I advise that you come with questions to have a meaningful conversations. What we not gon’ do is let our wellness fall to the wayside!

Carve out at least 5 minutes for yourself each day.

For me this varies each day, sometimes it looks like stretching, meditating, practicing light breath work, praying, reflecting, dancing or reading. Whatever it is that you need to do to show yourself some love, my advice is DO IT, unapologetically, because you deserve it!

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