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Good morning, my friends. Here is an update on the personal front that I held off on sharing publicly as long as I possibly could.

Come Friday (the day this is published) I will be a New York resident!

On Leaving Chicago.

The million dollar question has been why? The short & simple answer is that because I am young, willing, able, and want to try something new.

However to paint a better picture for those of you reading along, Chicago has been my home for nearly 12 years. Yes, that is well over a decade!

Chicago has served as a launch pad for so many amazing things that manifested in my life: my blog, my career, dope opportunities, meaningful relationships, etc. In this city I’ve accomplished each of my personal goals, and built a lifestyle that I am super proud of…to the point that sometimes I have to say to myself DAMN GIRL, YOU DID THAT!

Over the past couple years, my spirit and genuine curiosity started to pull me in a new direction, which indicated to me that it was time for a change.

New York has always been on the list of select cities that I am willing to live in. My family and peers planted the idea in my head so many years ago, but I eventually started to embrace the fact that New York could be a great fit for me and decided to take a bold leap of faith.

On My Feelings.

Y’all I currently have all the feels! I’m excited, anxious, nervous, humbled, but mostly READY.

I’ve done a lot of internal work to get prep for this BIG DAY! With the help of my therapist, I really focused on my holistic wellness: physically, spiritually, and emotionally learning how to keep all of those areas very strong in any environment.

I kept my deep desire to move close to the vest as long as possible to be protective of the energy that I invited to this major life transition. Y’all know me positive vibes only!

On What To Expect.

You can expect for me to continue blogging. That is a non-negotiable! The content will be the same as before, but will naturally continue to evolve (as I do).

I look forward to collaborating with new creatives in NYC. I already got some fun ideas brewing! I would also like to give a shoutout each of the creative individuals that helped me power BRITT LATHRECE in Chicago, and turn my idea into a business.

On My New York Life.

After careful deliberation, I am going to be a Brooklyn gal! My office will be located in Manhattan. That said, I will experience the best of both worlds.

As far as my full-time job in branded content/entertainment, it will not change. Same gig, new ambiance!

From a social standpoint, a handful of individuals from work, college, and life (in general) currently live in NYC. So please do not fret, I absolutely will NOT be alone.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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