My Personal Wellness Update with Nike Chicago

I am excited to announce that I will be running the Shamrock Shuffle with Nike Chicago. Let me first start off by saying this is my very first race, it will be an 8K (4.96 mi), and it’s taking place on Sunday, March 24th, 2019.

Let me first start off by saying, despite the fact that I have an active lifestyle, I am terrified of running! Just the mere thought of it makes me want to lay on my couch, curl into a ball, and hide under my covers. I wish that I could say I’m joking, but I’m not.

To paint a better picture for you, my previous experiences with running have usually looked a little bit like this…imagine hitting the pavement and everything that has the potential to go wrong, pretty much does! While running, my shoes would come untied, my bladder would suddenly feel full, my ankles felt weak, and my side would cramp…ugh!

Wait for it, because I didn’t even describe the worst part. The absolute worst part was the aftermath *insert horror music here*, my body would feel extremely sore and ache for up to 3 days post-run! I just figured that I just wasn’t one of the chosen few who was built for running or capable of finding joy in the experience.

As part my 2019 personal wellness journey, I created an intention to change my relationship with running. The truth is I didn’t know exactly how to make that happen, but I started with a mile here and a mile there on the treadmill, and would continue to check-in on it bi-monthly.

Well it’s check-in time, and man has my life changed! This year I’ve been actively doing one thing a day that scares me, when this opportunity to participate came along, I said yes! I currently have a running coach, Coach Robyn, who some of you might remember from my Nike Air Society experience. As a refresher Coach Robyn LaLonde, is a Nike+ Run Club Central Head Coach and owner of Edge Athlete Lounge, an absolutely incredible fitness and recovery center in the Chicagoland area.

Coach Robyn and I met in-person, where she gave me created an very intentional personalized training schedule and running tips to get me ready for race day!

Nike+ Run Club: Britt’s Nike Shamrock Shuffle Training Schedule – Week 1

March 01: Crosstrain/NTC Workout – Completed a Barre Workout at The Barre Code!

March 02: Run/Walk 1.5 Miles – Alternate 2 mins fast walk 1 min run

March 03: Rest Day – Focus on extra hydration

March 04: Crosstrain/NTC Workout – Completed Summer Strong Workout!

March 05: Run/Walk 1.5 Miles – Alternate 1:30 mins fast walk 1:30  min run

March 06: Crosstrain/NTC Workout – Completed Tank Top Arms Workout! | Meet with Coach Robyn

March 07: Medium Effort (Tempo Run): .5 mile warm-up equal parts easy run and fast walk to warm-up + 5 min medium run effort and 2 min easy run effort or fast walk until you hit 2 miles

March 08: Crosstrain/NTC Workout – Completed Boxer Core Workout!

March 09: Easy Endurance Effort (Long Run) Less than 6/10 until you hit 2.5 Miles- 3.5 Miles – Completed 3.46 Miles!

March 10: Rest Day!

Run Effort Definitions

Hard Effort  = 8-9/10 Total Possible Effort (9:30-10:30 min per mile pace)

Medium Effort = 6-8/10 Total Possible Effort (10:30-11:30 min per mile pace)

Easy Effort = 4-6/10 Total Possible Effort (11:30 min per mile of slower)

Coach Robyn’s Running Tip’s

  1. Think about running as simple pyrometics, essentially you’re just putting one foot in front of the other!
  2. When running on the treadmill, do not be afraid to back away from the rail so that you can really get a full range of motion.
  3. Keep your chest up and pump your arms, good form, will help you build the momentum that you need to project forward.

It’s exciting to think that I’ve already made it through my first week of training! So far it’s taken a lot of dedication and self-discipline, but it’s been very rewarding to see my relationship change with running and word toward a major personal wellness milestone. Stay tuned for weekly updates as I prepare for race day!

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