Passions I’m Embracing This Year

As I’m sure most of you are familiar adulting is hard! Now don’t get me wrong, I love being an adult SO much, and actually wanted to be an adult since I was a child (fun fact)!

However, something that I noticed was that as I embraced adulthood and started to develop my personal career, I put a few of my passions to rest to refine specific strengths and areas of opportunity that would primarily benefit me mostly in my work life. Dare to say personal as well, but definitely work life without a question.

Now that I feel confident in the strides that I’ve made in my career and role (keep in mind that every bit counts!), this year I’ve set an intention to embrace a my childhood passions. You know those things that really make me, Britt. As I prioritize embracing and re-exploring the art of play in my life, here are the passions that I’m exploring.

Dance. Starting at the early age of 3 or 4, my mother enrolled me in ballet and tap. I continued to dance, periodically swapping it out with gymnastics, until my sophomore year of high school. My relationship changed with dance when one of the instructors (who was honestly something else when I really think about it) asked who wanted to become professional dancer or choreographer versus who was not, once I realized I didn’t fall into this category, I traded in my dance shoes to get more involved with extracurricular activities at my high school.

Lately, I’ve found myself constantly moving my body, and for those of you that follow along with my adventures via Instagram Stories…you can probably attest to this fact! One time in 2018 that I found myself imitating the choreography to It’s All About Me by Mya featuring Sisqo. As a child, I remember loving the song and video so much that it was really fun to allow myself to fully embrace this moment that I was having…I immediately realized it’s time to do something about it.

Reading. Growing up, my mother always kept amazing books around the house. My parents would constantly read to me, and I remember countless evenings sounding words out to my father with my dog in my lap. From there, the rest is history, I would always take advantage of my summer breaks in school when I was really able to read for leisure, but somewhere along the lines I kind of just stopped.

What I remember loving the most about reading was how it gave me the ability to travel through time and around the world, right in the comfort of my own home. I miss this feeling, and in the words of Jay-Z, “She (as in me…just to be clear lol) want that old thing back!”

Cooking on Sundays (Hosting). I actually started doing this in college, because I’m pretty sure my mother was terrified that I’d graduate and not know how to cook. She would get me recipe cards from her local grocery store, and give them to me to try out simple yet Mom approved recipes. After realizing how easy cooking was considering that all I had to do was follow the directions, I was hooked. I’d make meals on Sundays my senior year for my buddies and we would have Sunday Dinners.

To this day, I still do the majority of my cooking on the weekends, but I would really like to create the community aspect that it used to have. Although, I can’t commit to every Sunday, just doing something once a month could be a great start. Not going to lie, I am not fully committed to dinner on Sundays, but I can commit to hosting more frequently, because I really love having people over.

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