Looking Back At 2018 & Mantras for 2019

My mind is completely blown that we are already in our second week of 2019. I know that I sound cliché when I say…where has the time gone? Is it just me or does it feel like each year seems to move a little bit faster than the previous year?

The excitement of the new year makes me want to just dive right into 2019. However, prior to doing so, I thought that it was important to reflect and acknowledge a few of my 2018 highlights, because this was such a defining year as an individual and content creator.

Best Content Creator Moments of 2018

  • Working with so many amazing photographers who encouraged me to take risks that ultimately leveled up my content
  • Becoming part of the Nike family, as a member of the 2018 Nike Chicago Air Society
  • Participating in a photoshoot with Nike Chicago in the middle of Lollapolooza
  • Meeting Nicole Rendone who is the Designer of Bras and Innovation for Nike Women
  • Having my parents join me and even get festival ready at the Nike Chicago Airstream
  • Participating in a photoshoot with local food grade skincare brands Scratch Goods
  • Learning calligraphy with Everlane
  • Participating in a photoshoot for Cliquish to celebrate the company’s rebranding
  • Speaking on a panel for the She Runs It Young Executives Committee about discovering your passions and turning your passion into a side hustle

Best Life Moments of 2018

  • Finding my dream apartment, and letting go of my childhood furniture to decorate my place on my own terms
  • Finding a church home – I love Soul City!
  • Going to Vegas for the first time ever for to celebrate a friends birthday
  • Attending one day of Lollapalooza solo and having the time of my life during the Bruno Mars performance
  • Celebrating my birthday at the Elysian Spa
  • Visiting New Orleans just because my Mom and I were craving a beignets – it was my first time going as an adult over 21 and felt completely different than my 3 previous visits
  • Participating in my first heels class
  • Teaming up with my girl Aryn to complete 8 personal training sessions with Seobia in October/November
  • Transitioning onto a new team at work and working with individuals that I’ve really grown to love and appreciate
  • Visiting Whitefish, Montana for a client video shoot and hiking in Glacier National Park
  • Receiving free room upgrades during each of my business trips
  • Meeting with a financial advisor to learn how to make smarter money management decisions in November
  • Finding my new hair stylist Jas Milsap, and modeling for the launch of her hair company Her Beauty Collection in December

Instead of creating New Year Resolutions, because let’s be honest, who really sticks with those anyways? I decided to set some new intentions and create a few mantras that I can consistently think about as I move through 2019.

Mantras for 2019

  1. Shoot Your Shot at EVERYTHING you want in life, because you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take!
  2. Create Outside of the Box. Create Unapologetically. Create Confidently. This means to keep leaning into opportunities to try new things/take risks; Do it and don’t look back, because I am uniquely me and doing exactly what I’ve been put on this earth to do.
  3. Expect the Unexpected; Anything can happen and anything is possible!

Parka: Sam | Sweater: H&M | Jeans: c/o Everlane

Hannah Schweiss Photography

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