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Last week, I visited the Nike Just Do It HQ in Chicago for a preview of the BRAHAUS. Y’all believe me when I say that IT WAS EVERYTHING, the BRAHAUS offered one-on-one bra fittings, an opportunity to customize your bra, hair braiding + post workout styling tips, and DIY Just Do It jewelry. Not only that, but of course in true Nike fashion there were a few additional fun surprises as well, the BRAHAUS had an Instagram Wall that said It’s Only A Dream Until You Just Do It, a Kombucha Bar, and an amazing all-female panel discussion with special guests.

One of the special guests happened to be Nicole Rendone, who is the Design Director of Bras and Innovation for Nike Women. I was elated, because hardly do you ever get to meet and hear from the woman behind the design. Nicole’s drive, passion and dedication to her craft was very inspiring. I especially admired her thoughtful approach that goes into creating innovative, fashionable, and functional bras for women.

When I asked about the latest design I learned, “The FE/NOM Flyknit Bra is our most innovative bra, and it uses the same technology as our Flyknit sneaker. This is awesome because high support bras can have as much as 42 components, if you think about an underwire, an underwire channel, strap stabilizer, front stabilizer, hook and eyes, elastics — All those things are points where you can get experience irritation or discomfort. This bra knits in all of that support, all of those components, all that technology into two panels as well as adding breathability in the zones were you most need it. At Nike we use body mapping as well as biometric testing to make sure that we are getting to the right support as well as the right benefits right where we need them.” – Nicole Rendone

Of course after hearing about the FE/NOM Flyknit Bra, I couldn’t the BRAHAUS without one. I got it customized it with my name [BRITT] on the back in white, and can’t wait to show y’all it looks like…stay tuned!

The BRAHAUS has now come to an end, but don’t worry the Just Do It HQ is still up and running! It will serve as a place of inspiration and enablement to help female athletes in Chicago achieve their crazy dreams. The most exciting part is that each week will offer new experiences, services, and product launches – so make sure that you keep an eye out.

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