Nike Air Society Chi [Week 5]



This week’s Nike Air Society experience focused on Yoga and Healthy Glow. We started out practicing Yoga at Morgan’s on Fulton. If you ask me, Yoga is always a good idea…we flowed, we smiled, we sweated, and each left feeling incredible.

After our workout we went straight to Scratch Goods, a local business (owned by two amazing women and Chicago natives Elizabeth Leipold & Maureen McClure) that brings a more conscious approach to skincare. Scratch Goods offers food-grade skincare that is handcrafted in small batches with locally sourced ingredients.

We each had the chance to experience their extremely popular mask bar, where we each got to detox + enjoy Real Good Juice Co. treats + chill. I whipped up a really amazing matcha mask. I chose this one because it is a tightening, anti-aging mask that lightens darks spot as it detoxifies….let the church say AMEN! After applying our masks, we moisturized and used a warm jade roller to promote circulate + cell turnover + reduce inflammation. This was my first-time jade rolling, and there’s just something about that makes you feel so fabulous!

As we each were enjoying one another’s company, it dawned on our girl gang that this was the final leg of our 5-week Nike Air Society Experience. Time certainly has a way of flying by when you’re having a ball doesn’t it?  It was bittersweet, because our weekly meet-ups are something that we’ve all come to really look forward to…however, this was certainly not a goodbye, but more of a see you later.

I’m for Nike Chicago for allowing me to be part of their female collective of brilliant creatives, powerful athletes, successful entrepreneurs, talented artists and collaborators who are pushing boundaries and moving Chicago forward. I will never forget this 5-week journey focused that ignited creativity and ambition through training & self-care!

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Photography by Victory Creative

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