Remember Who You Are!

May you always remember that you have the power to reclaim the divine light that is yours, and overcome any obstacle that you may be facing. 

This is the June mantra that I created for myself (and anyone else who needs it) after my recent decision to walk away from relationships that were no longer serving me. In other words, dimming my divine light.

Here’s the interesting part, my decision wasn’t rooted in fear, anger, or disappointment. It was rooted in love, I’ve been praying for spiritual guidance & clarity in all aspects of my life. In due time, I experienced a paradigm shift that allowed me to see things through a fresh lens. I realized that part of my self-love & self-care is acknowledging (and equally important taking action) when it’s time to move on.

Otherwise, continuing to play an active role in these relationships would put me at risk of compromising all of the work that I’ve been doing to be the best version of myself. If you’re wondering what work, work, work, worrrk, worrrrrrrrk (Rihanna voice) I’m referring to feel free to read more about that here!

In full transparency, a few events also took place in my life that were very clear reminders BRITT, YOU’RE POPPIN! Not only that, but I had to ask myself…”Aren’t you worthy of being treated with the same kind of love, appreciation, and respect that you demonstrate towards others?”

When I told myself yes I am, it was a done deal! However, saying yes presented the true test…it’s one thing to simply know this, but put it into practice. Ultimately, I made an executive decision take action (since actions speak louder than words), and I haven’t turned back since.

“She remembered who she was, and the game changed.” – Lelah Delia


Photography by Chuck Olu-Alabi

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