Nike Air Society Chi [Week 3]

Hold up, wait a minute, can someone help me figure out where the has time gone? It’s hard to believe that I am already in Week 3 of the Nike Air Society experience!

Not going to lie, I was feeling a bit nervous about this specific week given the theme was Run & Recover. It’s a fact that I really enjoy working out, but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a runner per se.

I arrived at Edge Athlete’s Lounge wondering where we were going to run exactly? I quickly realized that there wasn’t a single treadmill in sight, and it dawned on me that we were running outside. Mind you, that this was reportedly of the hottest days of this summer to-date, and I knew the struggle was about to get very REAL!

Prior to getting started Coach Robyn LaLonde, owner of  Edge Athlete Lounge, spoke to us about their philosophy along with the importance of recovery. Afterwards, Coach Robyn got us warmed up and we completed a 2 mile run on the gorgeous 606 trail.

By no means was it easy, but we all survived and felt extremely proud of ourselves. Of course being the sassy person that I am, I gave Coach Robyn a couple of side eyes throughout the run. Apparently, according to Coach Robyn sides eyes let her know she’s doing a great job!

What made this running experience unique was the special attention that we paid to our form, which improved everyone’s overall running performance. The most rewarding part was the recovery! Our choices were recovery boots or an ice bath…I opted for the ice bath, because it was completely outside of my comfort zone. I will say that after the initial shock of getting into cold water, the end result was glorious!

I truly believe that any successful run requires proper running gear, and the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Premium shoe provided a smooth sailing running experience. This women’s silhouette features a slightly softer cushion foam specifically tuned for the female foot.

In addition to that, the encouragement from my Nike Air Society sisters to keep going is what helped push me to the finish line (especially when my legs were on fire and I was ready to have a seat)! Who knew that we would become one another accountability buddies? It was truly a beautiful thing.

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Photography by Victory Creative

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