7 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care with a Busy Schedule

I get it, you’re busy and the idea of adding something else to your plate can seem down right daunting. As an creative professional, I can completely relate especially during busy seasons when every single day literally feels like a rush.

However, what if I told you that practicing self care could increase the overall quality of your lifestyle? Well, it’s true!¬†Self care has the ability to improve your immunity, increase positive thinking and make you feel less susceptible to feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety. YES, it’s that powerful y’all, which is why I’m sharing 7 simple ways to practice self care with a busy schedule.

Daily Wellness Routine

In some cases, your AM and PM Daily Wellness Routine may be the only moment that you have to dedicate to yourself. Take advantage of this time and get into the practice of not sacrificing this time for anything or anyone.

Stretch It Out

Just 5 minutes of stretching can increase your blood flow and relax any tight, tense muscles that often accompany stress.

Listen to Uplifting Podcast or Audiobook during your Daily Commute

Whether in a car, train, or bus what you ingest has the ability to impact your day. Knowing that this will be one of the first things you’re actively listening to make sure that you’re allowing positive thin

Recite A Positive Affirmation, Mantra, or Say A Prayer

This is powerful, because you have the power to speak your words into to existence. With that said, make sure that you are manifesting positive things.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Your Water! For visual purposes, aim to 2 drink Swell bottles in morning and 2¬†Swell bottles in the afternoon. Make sure it is the 17 ounce bottles, but if you’re feeling ambitious the 25 ounce bottle is even better.

Cleanse Your Space

One of the best natural air fresheners is white sage. It infuses a deep herbal scent while killing airborne bacteria. It’s perfect for cleansing new spaces and getting rid of negative energy. Bad vibes, be gone!

Take A Deep Breath

Life can get overwhelming! Take a moment to re-energize yourself with a one minute breathing exercise. If you need a you’re looking for a place to start here’s one that I suggest.

What are some simple ways that you like to practice self care in the midst of your busy lifestyle? I would love to hear about them in my comments below!

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