Achieving A Signature Cheek

My entire life, my cheeks have been a focal point of my face. During my childhood, adults always wanted to pinch them. Now in adulthood, there’s hardly a day where I visit a beauty store where someone doesn’t mention them or ask to contour them for fun. Needless to say, they’ve really become a statement for me and this is how I achieve my signature cheek.

  1. A Signature Cheek begins with a good primer & a solid foundation. My favorite primer is Laura Mercier’s Hydrating Foundation Primer which I love for it’s ability to create a smooth canvas for my foundation and nourish my skin, while keeping my make-up in place throughout the day. The tried & true foundation is Make Up Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation – it’s just the right amount of coverage and one of the few brands that offers a perfect match for my complexion.
  2. The Contour is a Non-negotiable. Though it is true that I contour, let’s make one thing clear…this doesn’t have to be complicated! I just add one simple line with a Make Up Forever Eye Shadow, below my cheek bone and blend blend blend. At this point you may be gasping about by eye shadow confession, however nobody has time to purchase a full kit where you’re only going to use ONE shade…I’m just sayin’!
  3. Applying Bronzer sets the mood right. Post-cheek contour, I like go to over my well blended line wth bronzer pulling it in an upward motion with my make-up brush. Something about this step gives my cheeks this additional depth. Hands down my favorite is the Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer in the shade Brown Bronze. In case you’re seeking an alternative, I really enjoy the Bobbi Brown Bronzer as well.
  4. Blush is a must. For my blush, I like to stick with pretty natural colors unless it’s a special occasion. Right now, I can’t stop wearing Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush in Copper.
  5. Never skip the highlight. The finishing touch to my signature cheek is not one BUT two highlights. The first is a liquid one from Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow Highlighter in the shades Peach Fizz or Bronze (I personally use them interchangeably). I top it off with the Colourpop Bae Area Powder Highlighter.

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