Learning To Overcome My Greatest Fitness Challenge

I struggle when it comes to working out outside of a group fitness setting!

Now, I don’t consider myself one of those individuals who needs a workout buddy per se, but for years I’ve had this co-dependency on group fitness classes to stay consistent with my gym routine.

There’s just something about having the ability to look at the person next to you when your body starts to heat up and sweat begins to pour that’s so comforting.  It’s especially valuable when I reach that point where I’m ready to give up, seeing my neighbor that is choosing to use mind over matter to crush their workout motivates me do the same.

  I’ve recently been thrown a curve ball due to my new job that requires a lot more business travel, and reduces my opportunities for group fitness. With limited options, I’ve had to develop the self-discipline to workout alone and sometimes at-home…eek!

Although solo workouts aren’t my preference, my circumstances have forced me to get my act together and just make it happen. 

Here’s how I’m learning to overcome my greatest fitness challenge:

  1. Adopt a new perspective. I’ve learned that community is something that I value in my fitness routine. However, in this day and age it is very possible to create a meaningful virtual community. At the beginning of the year, a close friend invited me to join virtual community she created with women who are serious about their overall health and wellness. We track our workouts, created our own definitions of what being fit meant to us, and share our struggles along with triumphs.
  2. Get creative.  To keep things interesting I like to gather inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, mobile apps, along with my some of my favorite Health and Fitness websites to stay active.
  3. Positive Affirmations. Remind yourself how capable your body is, and that you were given this body to achieve amazing things. When I tell myself uplifting messages like this, I am motivated both mentally and physically to complete my workout.

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