Randolph Street Market Festival Find

About two weeks ago, I attended the Randolph Street Market Garden Party & Breakfast to celebrate the 2017 opening of the outdoor market. This event was fabulous on so many levels, but the best part was early access to $hopping.To my surprise, the event helped me reignite my love for vintage jewelry. As I was perusing the festival, I stumbled across these eye catching earrings; I was drawn to them for their size and intricate gold details, because let’s be honest we all know how much I love gold!   I asked the vendor, Linda, if I could try them on. As she handed them to me, she told me that they were clip-ons and they were Givenchy. After putting them on, I knew that I couldn’t leave without them; Not even asking her price, the words I’ll take them just poured out of my mouth. Talk about word vomit! Clearly that day all of my smart budgeting had flown completely out of the window! Until…..Linda told me they were $10 dollars, yep you heard me $10 bucks! This marks the day that I purchased a pair of vintage Givenchy earrings from the Randolph Street Market Festival. I’m still in disbelief about my cool find, and seriously looking forward to next time.

If case you’re interested in checking out the Randolph Street Market Festival you can click here to see the full 2017 schedule. 

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