Let’s Talk About Specs Baby

Confession: I wear prescription eye glasses! 

Now, I hardly photograph in them since they are mostly for reading, but believe it or not I wear them everyday at my office – to the point that some co-workers don’t even recognize me without specs…true story!

I began wearing them about two years ago, when I noticed that I started to get severe headaches during the weekdays – due to reading/replying to non-stop work-related e-mails and spending copious amounts of time in excel.After realizing that my headaches were becoming a norm, I visited my eye doctor (for the first time in ages), found out that my vision wasn’t quite what it used to be, and received a prescription. This was the first time that I had ever needed prescription eyeglasses.

Fun, but very true facts:

  1. My father likes to call me Clark Kent whenever I wear specs now.
  2. I ended up losing my first pair of eye glasses at Medieval Times. So technically the ones I’m wearing now are my second pair, but we are going to save that story for a different day. Don’t judge me!


During my annual eye exam, I found out that my vision had slightly changed (…ugh!), but my doctor said a lens upgrade was optional since overall my prescription changes were extremely minor.

So, of course I continued to wear my old prescription eyeglasses. Not to mention, it felt great to dodge an unanticipated expense since I already had my epic Medieval Times fail *wipes forehead*

Who even knew that your vision could change in just one year? Sheesh!//ALMOST ANOTHER YEAR LATER//

As I’m approaching my next annual eye exam, I found myself wanting to push back my appointment….

Go ahead and ask me if I have a conflict, if I will be out of town that day, or I have any other obligation that will prohibit me from attending my eye exam?

In case you’re wondering my answer is no for all of thee above. I realized that I had subconsciously de-prioritized it, which truthfully means on a scale of importance I’ve managed to rank it pretty low.

But hold up, wait a minute…mind you I still work in the same industry. On top of that, I have this little thing called a blog that also requires me to spend significant amounts of time on my laptop and mobile device outside of work creating content.

Do you notice any flaws with my logic here? Because I certainly do…

Clearly my eyes are extremely important for all that I do, yet I keep finding reasons to blow off my eye exam and/or choose not to upgrade my prescription lenses as often as I probably should. What’s even worse is that I’m not the only person who is guilty of this behavior, which is why we’re talking about it right now.I realized this is one relationship in my life that needs some work – yep, I said it my eyes and I have relationship problems! Even though I know my eyes ares vital to the body’s visual system and its overall operational flow at-large, it’s easy to take them for granted.

 Think about it like this…similar to how you and I as people are continuing to evolve…so are your eyes. And the truth is that I could do a better job paying attention to their needs. By no means can I change the past, but I can certainly improve my actions moving forward;  Especially as I continue to be more intentional in practicing self-care and showing my body gratitude for all of its amazing capabilities.
 My next eye exam is scheduled for early July, and I have vowed to not reschedule it. This year I’m looking forward to upgrading my prescription (no matter how minor), choosing new frames, and budgeting for this expense to avoid feeling financially caught off guard. Here’s to letting my so called “relationship problems” with my eyes be a thing of the past! *clinks cup and sips coffee*

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