Vanilla Buttercream Dress


It’s crazy to think that it’s ALREADY May. Can anyone tell me where 2017 is going? Even though time passing like the speed of light, I can’t help but love the beauty that comes with Spring. The sun shines a little brighter, I hear birds chirping every morning when I wake up, and the fresh blooms that decorate the trees give me so much life.

I typically joke and say that Chicago doesn’t have a Spring, because compared to my hometown, St. Louis…well, it doesn’t. However, from time to time the city will throw some curve balls and surprise me. About two weeks ago when it was nearly 80 degrees was certainly one of them.

That weekend, I met up with two of my girlfriends for high tea and wore this outfit. It was fun to step right into spring with a fresh vanilla buttercream inspired palette. I will admit that I ended up changing into sandals (still sticking to the color palette), because the weather was so unexplainably nice and actually… sort of toasty. You will never believe it, but I scored this dress for drum roll please…$23 bucks.

Dress (alternative option) | Shoes (similar) | Gold Choker

Ali Stone Photography

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