Love the Skin You’re In

Would you believe me if I told you that in the past I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my skin?

Now, the word hate is a super strong, because I’ve never actually hated my skin per se. However, I can say that I’ve definitely considered my skin to be a nuisance because of its special needs.

Let me explain:

  • My skin is very sensitive and prone to mild acne & breakouts
  • I’ve had a dermatologist since the age of sixteen
    • As a result, since the age of sixteen I’ve had prescription medication for my skin
  • My skincare regimen is significantly more time consuming than my peers due to it’s special needs
  • On top of that, my skincare regimen is significantly more expensive than my peers due to its special needs
  • All in all, this skin of mine has a little mind of its own

In pursuit of clear skin I’ve made a number of sacrifices over the past couple years:

  1. I’ve significantly decreased my dairy, salt, and sugar intake
  2. Increased my water intake
  3. I’ve chosen to only use natural, plant-based, or extremely gentle skin care products on my skin

At the start of 2017, I added uplifting words about skin to my vision board (that I look at everyday) to achieve my personal #skingoals and make skin care a top priority of mine. Doing so has shifted my attitude towards my skin and its specific needs.

This new mindset has allowed me accept my skin – flaws & all – and view the special relationship that I have with my skin as a form of self-care. I’ve learned to find joy in the extra time (& even money) that I spend on my skin and its needs, because I realized that it is and has always been an act of self-love.

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