Puma x Rihanna Fenty Creepers


In honor of the Puma x Rihanna Fenty Creepers that recently dropped, I decided to share the style story behind mine. Guys, when I tell you that trying to get these shoes felt like a part-time job, I mean it…

So here’s my story, these Creepers were released last Spring right before Memorial Day Weekend and sold out on the Puma.com in 35 minutes. I checked Nordstrom.com, called the Chicago location, and scoured the internet with absolutely no luck…until I decided to call Bloomingdales.

Lo and behold, Bloomingdales had 2 out of 3 pairs released in my size in store (the satin black/black and the glo white)! However the demand was so high, that they weren’t holding any of them. So, I bought both pair via phone, and figured that I would decide which ones I liked better when I went to pick them up in-store.

I arrived at the store, tried both pairs on, and liked them…but I secretly wished that third pair, the green bordeaux, were available. After sitting in the Bloomingdales shoe department for well over an hour meticulously examining the shoes in effort to decide which pair I liked better, I ended up leaving with both (I mean technically they were mine!). Once I left the store, it rained so hard that Bloomingdales brown bag broke, and I had to carry both boxes home in hand…womp! At this point, I really looked like a creep!

I kept both pair, but would sporadically search the internet for the green bordeaux creepers. It was insane..each time that I would find them and put them in my cart,  my order would be cancelled during check out because they were ALREADY gone. I continued my pursuit a couple weeks after the hype had died down, and eventually found them. Can you imagine how amazing it felt when I added them to my shopping cart and saw that my order ACTUALLY processed.

I was so excited that when they arrived, but I had a problem…I now had three pairs of creepers. As much as I love a good sneaker, owning three pairs was completely unnecessary (for me and my needs). I was sad to return them, but it felt great (not to mention financially wise) to have one pair of shoes that I loved and knew I would wear.

Jacket: Zara (similar) | Dress: Zara (similar) | Shoes: Puma (similar)

Jules Kennedy Photography

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