How To Stay Positive

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard the advice, stay positive…

Of course you have…we all have! It’s advice with great intentions, but can seem difficult or even unrealistic to put into practice in the midst of challenging times. The truth is our biggest obstacle is our mind, and here are three tips for training yourself to remain positive.

  1. Express gratitude. In the past, I’ve kept a gratitude journal that I used to to jot down (aka list) the things that I’m thankful for each day. In doing so, I realized how many simple things made me happy that I often overlooked or simply just took for granted.
  2. Adopt positive affirmations and repeat them. Whether it’s a scripture, your favorite quote, mantra, or spiritually uplifting words like “I am enough!” The act of repeating positive affirmations to yourself trains your mind to believe them.
  3. Challenge any negative thoughts. The next time your mind begins to form thoughts that do not serve you. Confront them and ask yourself these questions: Why can’t I? Why not me? What’s stopping me? This Marianne Williamson quote gives me so much life, and is such a great resource to keep in your back pocket for combating any pessimistic feelings or thoughts.

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