How To Style Sweat Pants


I have a confession…I love sweat pants! Although opinions vary about wearing them for purposes other than lazy days on the couch or workout sessions; I’d argue that they can be a very chic off-duty wardrobe staple with a couple of style tricks combined with an IDGAF attitude.

Here’s how to style sweat pants and look fashionable:

  1. Find your fit. Luckily the process of finding a good pair of sweats is not half as difficult as finding the right pair of jeans, and that’s the beauty of them. However, having a pair that flatters your body (whether high-waisted, slim fit, wide-leg, cropped or classic) is key.
  2. Elevate them with classic wardrobe staples. Try pairing sweat pants with black heels and a leather or denim jacket. You can probably already guess what my jacket of choice might be.
  3. Mix highs and lows. A pair of high-waisted sweats with a long duster or kimono creates an unexpected stylish yet effortless ensemble.
  4. Go monochromatic. Matching your sweatpants with your top is a simple recipe for success. It makes your outfit look expensive and gives off a classic nineties celebrity vibe.
  5. Make them sporty. Swap out heels with a pair of sneakers and simply add a turtle neck for a comfortable look that is still polished.

Jacket: H&M (similar) | Blouse: Zara (similar) | Pants: H&M (different yet stylish) | Shoes: F21

Iron & Honey Photography

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