Get To Know Me [Q&A]

Hey guys! So today I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and share a ‘Get To Know Me’ Q&A post. I realize that I share a number of personal stories as they relate to my style, but sometimes it’s just nice to just get to know the person behind the blog.

Here are the questions that I decided to answer for this post, in case you want to answer them yourself – I found them to be pretty fun, they also encouraged a little bit of self-reflection. P.S. before we get started, I thought I’d share my random thought that something about this photo creatively gives me such Beyonce Flaws and All music video vibes.

  1. What is your dream vacation? Since childhood, I’ve always wanted to go to Atlantis. I watched the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen movie called Holiday in the Sun and I was sold! What’s on my current radar though is Cuba and the Almafi Coast in Italy – I would also like to see even more of the US of A
  2. What is your favorite food? I love Mexican food!
  3. What is your favorite candy? It’s a close tie between Skittles and Starburst (My mother is one of the sweetest people ever and keeps them around when I come home to visit, thank you Mom!)
  4. What is your favorite dessert? I’d say donuts at this time
  5. What is your favorite soda flavor? Strawberry most days and Black Cherry when I want to take a walk on the wild side lol
  6. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Hit the gym! Each of the gyms that I consistently go to create extremely positive and motivating environments that are so addicting | Outside of that, I live for a good brunch!
  7. What is your favorite hymn or church song? This is a wildcard question because it was the last question that I was expecting, but I love it…I would say Standing in the Need by John P. Kee
  8. What is your favorite singer/group? This is too hard, but my favorite album in it’s entirety right now is Bruno Mars 24K Magic. There’s very few albums that you can listen to the entire way through…
  9. What’s your worst fear? Please refer to 2 Timothy 1:7 for my answer, and let the church say Amen!
  10. What do you like? People who value their time and mine (time is precious, time is money, and time is of the essence…all cliche statements, but all are extremely true!)
  11. Talk about your worst scar. Ouch, I’d rather not share in detail just to avoid reliving that moment of my childhood. Just know that it was on my face (my cheek to be exact), my parents were terrified, and it took years of cocoa butter to remove it!
  12. If you were a Disney Character, who would you be? Mulan for the win! I can relate to that movie in so many ways, and I loved the solid team (family and friends) that she kept close to her #SQUADGOALS
  13. How many times have you moved? It’s been so many times that I’ve completely lost count. Believe me, I just tried and became mentally exhausted.
  14. What is something spectacular that you have done? Anytime I volunteer, spending just an ounce of time serving others humbles me beyond belief.
  15. What can you tell us that no one knows about you? Even though, I do something very public blogging, I’m actually a very private person.

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