Ready Fur The World [Part One]

Today’s post is a style story of how I found my beloved parka!  Last year at the height of the brutal Chicago winter the zipper of my down coat broke! Now you’re probably wondering, Britt…why didn’t you just get the zipper fixed? Truthfully y’all, my coat was falling apart and this zipper malfunction was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.  After six years, my poor coat just couldn’t take it anymore. The entire coat  looked like it had gotten into a fight and lost.


And the photograph below perfectly captures my entire mood when it happened too! All I could think was… YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. So here I was at the end of January with a coat that was pretty much out of commission. It suddenly felt like the Hunger Games, with a useless coat in the piercing Chicago cold, life had just told me may the odds be in your favor. And let me tell you…THEY WERE NOT!

I began my search online, which resulted in coats that either didn’t fit correctly or looked sub-par compared to the images displayed…thanks for nothing internet! After that, I decided to pay some of my favorite department stores a visit to find out that my size in every coat that I liked was sold out and the majority the coat selection been shipped back to warehouses in order to make room for the Spring/Summer collections. At that point my options were slim and I was STILL cold!


With the tiniest ounce of hope, I decided to try my hand online one more time, and that’s when I stumbled across one of the most beautiful coats that I’d seen yet. It felt good to find something that I loved, but the disappointment quickly sank in after learning that it was completely sold out everywhere!

Feeling extremely determined, I began calling stores across the nation. Several calls later, alas I found my dream coat.! Looking back, its funny to realize that my  excitement was so strong even my sales associate rejoiced in the moment with me. About a week later, it arrived and this was the moment of truth. Drum roll please….my coat fit perfectly and the fur hood was even larger than I expected. Most importantly it keeps me warm, and the added bonus is that it makes me look stylish while doing it.

Parka: SAM. New York (similar) | Top: F21 (similar) | Jeans: Wet Seal (similar) | Boots: Hunter | Necklace: F21 (similar)

Jules Kennedy Photography

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