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Confession: Due to my extremely sensitive skin, I’ve always had a difficult time finding skin care products that work for me.

After years of trial and error, I finally developed a skin care regimen that I practice religiously. However, I recently ran out of my tried and true facial wash and stumbled across French Girl Organics during the Anthropologie Winter Sale.

To be completely honest, I was intrigued by the adorable packaging. There was just something about the little glass bottles that made these products seem like they were made with love.

After asking multiple [extremely kind] Anthropologie Sales Associate’s a million questions and hearing great reviews, I decided to give it a try. I purchased the French Girl [Neroli] Facial Polish, Cleansing [Rose] Wash, and [Rose] Cleansing Oil.

French Girl Organics Facial Polish. This is a loose powder that turns into an exfoliating scrub upon applying water. Once applied to my skin, I was excited that it didn’t cause a burning sensation; even with my skin being tender from the harsh Chicago winter cold. I left it on for a couple minutes, then rinsed it off. Afterwards, my skin felt supple and soft. I like to use this product once a week.

French Girl Organics Cleansing Wash. This is a nice everyday mild cleanser with a beautiful rose scent. I appreciated how it didn’t dry out my skin. Even pre-moisturizing, my skin didn’t feel tight, which was amazing! I currently use this twice a day; once in the morning and once at night.

French Girl Cleansing Oil. Although oil hasn’t been a consistent part of my skincare regimen in the past, I really enjoy this product. After massaging it onto my skin and wiping it off with warm water, my skin felt clean and moisturized. It’s gentle on my skin while removing impurities; I thought that it was especially great for make-up removal. I use this product twice a week.

Feelings | Thoughts.  French Girl Organics has my skin care stamp of approval! I was fascinated it being an organic but also vegan and made in the USA.

I think that each of these products are amazing, and when applied together [French Girl Cleansing Oil + French Girl Cleansing Wash + French Girl Facial Polish + Moisturizer] my skin felt heavenly! It’s like I was giving my skin the TLC that it deserved. Not to mention, the dewy glow that it gave my skin had me feeling so beautiful, fresh and clean!


Make sure to check out my Feb Faves video where I discuss my love for French Girl Organics!

Photo Credit: Anthroplogie

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