The Look For Less: Globe Lamp

While hosting during Thanksgiving weekend, I somehow managed to get myself tangled up into a group of  cords and pulled my lamp right of my coffee table…completely shattering it. Quick shoutout to the clumsy people of the world, you are not alone!

Now I won’t lie, I had been entertaining the idea of replacing my old lamp for a while now, but by no means did I want to break it. Not to mention, the amount of glass that I had to clean up was just plain scary!

Instantly, I was on the market for a new lamp, but didn’t want to splurge since this wasn’t an item that I planned on purchasing anytime soon. In effort to take advantage of some of the Black Friday deals on Target’s website, I stumbled across the photo above and I was immediately hooked.

Here are a few things to in mind before purchasing new home furnishings (In my case a lamp):

  1. Your Inner Thoughts. Personally, I thought that all of those lamps looked amazing and I would gladly take one of each…since that clearly wasn’t going to happen, I had to snap back to REALITY real quick.
  2. What are you on the market for? I knew that I wanted a table lamp, and not a floor lamp.
  3. Does this item compliment the personality of your home? Keeping in mind the look and feel of my place, I knew that my new lamp would need to have gold accents.
  4. How much are you looking to spend? Lighting can easily cost hundreds of dollars, because it not only serves a style purpose but also a functional purpose within a home. However, I decided that it needed to fall within my desired budget, which was less than $100.

I was immediately drawn to the globe lamp because of its classic vintage features yet contemporary look, and I just so happen to find out that it was on clearance for $27.48. Yeah, that’s right…I said it! Just like that I knew that I had scored the deal of the week. I put it in my online shopping cart, checked out, and that was all she wrote. Nevertheless, the true purpose of this shopping tale is to serve as a reminder that you can design the space that is uniquely yours without breaking the bank. Just keep in mind those few tips and you should be good to go. Happy Decorating!

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