5 Things I Love Right Now

1 // Love Is…

This is latest television series created by screenwriter and producer Mara Brock Akil airing on Tuesdays 10p EST/9p CST OWN, who has previously brought us shows like The Game and Being Mary Jane. Every Tuesday night, I stop whatever it is I’m doing to see what is going to happen with Nuri and Yasir. Beyond the fact that it’s entertaining, I always appreciate the thoughtfulness that Mara Akil Brock brings to each of her projects. Her shows connect with viewers on a more intellectual level, and she portrays characters in ways that television, specifically people of color, in a way historically people are not accustomed to seeing them, which is pretty next level.

2 // Lollapoloozas’s 2018 Line Up

This year there are so many emerging artist that will be present that I’ve been vibing to for a while. However, the fact alone that Bruno Mars will be there is already enough for me.

3 // Meet Cutes IRL [In Real Life]

It was described the best in the film The Holiday during a conversation between Walter and Iris. However, it can best be described as the scene in which a two characters meets for the first time in a movie. This scene is a staple in most romantic comedies. I’m pretty sure I love hearing about them equally (if not more) as much as I love experiencing them. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures! Also, if you haven’t seen that movie, I suggest that you add it to your list.

4 // Dance Challenges

Every summer a new song comes out that basically becomes a Summer Anthem. I am going to declare Drake’s song “In My Feelings” to be the 2018 Summer Anthem. As a result, a new dance has emerged. Between the In My Feelings Challenge and the brand new Level Up Challenge I already have been and will continue to bop around all summer long.

5 // Protective Hairstyles (featured in these photos)

To promote healthy hair my stylist and I agreed on a protective hairstyle that allowed me to give my hot styling tools a rest for the Summer. It has saved me so much time, and prevents me from damaging my hair. The best part is that my stylist told me I think that you found your look, and I couldn’t agree more!

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