5 Tips for Creating a Budget Friendly Gallery Wall

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5 Tips for Creating a Budget Friendly Gallery Wall

  1. Create a budget for each of the pieces that make up your gallery wall. For instance, I chose to not have any of the pieces on my wall exceed $50 dollars.
  2. Grow it with time; Don’t worry about purchasing it all at once. My gallery wall started with three key pieces, and as I continued to find things that I liked through the years within my budget I added them. Just keep in mind that even Rome wasn’t built in one day!
  3. Purchase your frames from places that may not strictly specialize in framing. Since this is a gallery wall and they requires multiple frames, there’s no need to splurge on them. I would consider searching for one at your local TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Home Goods, or Michael’s, who offers coupons every week that you can apply  to your frame purchase.
  4. Consider using magazine images and craft paper in lieu of prints. I live for a good print, but it’s okay to mix things up on your gallery wall. Magazine’s have amazing card stock and feature images from world renowned photographers, there’s nothing wrong with making them part of your wall.
  5. Stick to one color palette or story. My gallery wall is strictly black, white, and gold. Of course, I’ve stumbled across things that would look amazing, but if it goes outside of my current color palette unfortunately it can’t make my wall. This one takes self discipline, but it can be done!

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